That feeling you get when walking through the dark that makes you pick up your speed. That gut churning feeling when you hear a noise in your empty home. That chill you get when you confuse your reflection for someone looking in your window at night. That’s what the horror genre is based on. We all feel fear at one point or another, but some like myself, look for it or want to create it.

Horror can be found in everything. Every story, every song, every picture. I am a creative writer who focuses on the horror genre. I love watching horror movies, reading horror stories, and even looking into creepy stories (such as paranormal photos, videos, and more). I am always looking for the aspect of fear in everything I encounter. This blog will be focused on short stories I write, reviews of movies I’ve watched, and stories I’ve read, all in the horror genre.

If you love horror or just want to learn more about it, I suggest you snuggle up, turn off the lights, and grab a friend because fear is all around us.