Movie Review: Train to Busan

Train to Busan Review

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

If you love a good zombie movie, I would suggest checking out Train to Busan (2016), which can be found on Netflix. The problem I normally have with zombie movies is the speed of the movies and the speed of the zombies, but this movie made sure to fix both of these problems and has become one of my favorites!

This movie is about a business man who is just trying to get his little girl to Busan to see her mother. Seems so simple. However, everything changed when a woman with a zombie bite stumbles her crazy ass onto the train and unleashes madness! Let me paint a picture for you, these people change fast, like within seconds, they sprint and sometimes this causes them to pile on top of each other, and they don’t die! While this movie was about two hours long, it doesn’t feel like it because it is incredibly intense from start to finish.

I would say the main character is Soo-an because she is the main focus of the movie. Her father and a few other passengers spend the whole movie doing everything in their power to protect this adorable bundle of “I wish she was my kid!” Seok-woo, Soo-an’s father who is an overworked fund manager finds himself being hated by many people in this movie, including his daughter who blames his selfish mindset for her mother leaving them. He doesn’t win much love with the audience either as he doesn’t keep the closest of eyes on his daughter and during this situation, you will find yourself yelling at him to protect her better, I know I did! Sang-hwa and Seong-Kyeong end up being two favorites for everyone! My personal favorite is Sang-hwa because in every good zombie movie you must have at least one amazing badass and he is definitely it! Seong-Kyeong is Sang-hwa’s pregnant wife and spends a lot of the time being the mother figure for Soo-an during this crazy bloody mess they’ve found themselves in.

The passengers of this train are just trying to travel from Seoul to Busan. However, when the stowaway changes into a zombie and takes out someone on the train, shit hits the fan pretty fast. Soon, the surviving passengers have secluded the flesh eaters into the back of the train, which left me wondering why they didn’t just find a way to disconnect the back of the train but what do I know? Hearing about a safe zone at a closer train station they decide to stop for help, which turns out to be an…idea. When things turn from bad to shit, it’s back to the train to continue the journey into a bloody mess, dark tunnels, and people who show just how horrible they could be.

This movie is one that will keep you jumping up, cheering, punching your friends in the face, and crying, making this one of the best zombie movies I’ve ever seen.

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Siobahn Harris graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with honors, earning her bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and English with a concentration on fiction writing. She worked for three months editing non-fiction books for Motivational Press and now runs a blog page sharing horror themed short stories and movie reviews. While she enjoys editing, her true passion is using her creativity to create new and unique stories that can truly scare her audience. Her dream is to one day put her writing skills to the test and work with a team to develop a horror themed video game or movie. She plans to continue learning as much as she can about the writing industry to perfect her skills and someday rule the world.

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