Movie Review: Annabelle: Creation

Annabelle: Creation

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris


Tonight, I gathered up the family and we went to an early showing of Annabelle: Creation. Now, I don’t normally review movies that are still in the theater, so I brought a note pad with me to mark the jump scares and all my random thoughts throughout.

I am not going to say this was a bad movie. However, I will say what I wrote down at the end of the movie, “Redbox Movie.”

We all know the gist of this movie but let’s go over it again, just in case someone doesn’t know. A man (dollmaker) and his wife and daughter live in a big beautiful house. The little girl (Annabelle), referred to as Bee, often leaves cute little notes around for her dad to find like, “Find me” and when he does they all laugh and tickle each other, much like every normal family does. However, on their way home from church one day, the family gets a flat tire and while fixing it Bee gets run over by a passing truck. Flash forward 12 years, the family opens their home to an orphanage and suddenly very dark things begin happening. Turns out, after their daughter died her spirit was asking for permission to move into one of the dolls that her father made (the classic Annabelle doll we all know). When they agreed they started seeing Bee around the house more and more. Sadly, they noticed that it wasn’t their daughter at all but a demon. So, then they locked the doll away in the house but when the orphanage moved in, the doll was released and all hell broke loose.

Okay, so you get what the story was about, now let’s get real about this movie.

Let’s start with one of my biggest problems, where is the logic in moving in a bunch of little girls into a home that once had a demon in it? The doll was still in the house and as many of us know from just being around children, they tend to find things that we adults didn’t even know were lost! The logical thing to do would be to make sure you fully get rid of the doll or the demon and then try and move in a bunch of children, but I guess doing it this way was much more fun.

I felt like this movie didn’t bring the scary, as it should have. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of jump scares and anticipation was depended on throughout the movie, not to mention how they used extremely quiet scenes and then extremely loud scenes begging to scare the audience. However, that is not true fear. When I watch a horror movie, I am looking for true fear, that kind of fear that I will take home with me and that will keep me looking over my shoulder when I walk down my hallway. When a movie needs jump scares to instill fear, then the movie isn’t truly scary.

Something I did like about this movie is that crosses seemed to be a running theme throughout the house. We know there is a demon in the house and when looking at the front door, you can see a line of upside down crosses. This was like a little Easter egg that told all of us, warning, demon on the loose.

When watching horror movies, I want to feel like I am watching real people. However, the two people who seemed the most real were the two oldest girls, Carol and Nancy. Yes, they were little bitches but that’s pretty normal for two teenagers who think they know best. At one point, these two girls were under a sheet in the middle of night, when they should have been sleeping, and the way they are goofing around with each other seemed so real and genuine, which I loved. Looking at the two youngest girls, I was left very confused. They didn’t seem real. I spent the whole time thinking that they were just saying what adults told them to say, unlike the other girls who just seemed like two girls naturally talking to one another. The line that really threw me off was, “You know what I like best about sweet sue? She looks just like you” then she went on to touch the other girls face. It just seemed odd.

Another thing was how dated everything looked. Let me take a moment to say, I am not stupid, yes, I know this movie was based in the 1950s but I mean more dated than that. Not that the items didn’t fit for the time period but it seemed like the time period items they got for this movie were run a little ragged, so when something like a vehicle or a doll should actually look modern for the time, they ended up looking old and out of place. Bee’s doll from the beginning of the movie looked incredibly old, the puppet house looked like it was falling apart, and many of the vehicles were covered in rust. It took me out of the movie and left me scratching me head.

The wall lift for the little girl who wears the leg brace was a hoot. All the little girls loved it and wanted to give it a try. Bee’s father explained that the chair was put in for his wife who hasn’t been able to walk in years. He then says that without the seatbelt locked in the lift won’t work. It’s an old lift and it was being used during a time when things like that weren’t fast so watching the little girl slowly ride up the wall with a grin on her face left me giggling. However, at one point she attempts to use this lift to get away from something chasing her. During that scene, she sits down, tried the control but it didn’t work, then she remembered to buckle up, and then rides down the stairs. Then suddenly she stops and can no longer control the lift. It starts going back up the stairs and she just sits there freaking out while trying to get control back. Logic was clearly not used here and she could have just, you know, unbuckled the seatbelt to stop the lift. Granted, that may not have worked, but at least show her trying that. With how slow this lift was, she had plenty of time to try to unbuckle herself and then crawl down the stairs.

This movie is supposed to tell us the whole backstory about how this doll became possessed. I was greatly disappointed here because the movie was an hour and a half in before the backstory was ever brought up. To make matters worse, have you seen the trailer for this movie? Then you have seen the whole backstory. Barely anything else is added into the backstory, the trailers show it all.

In this movie, we have a demon running about, so what about Annabelle? I found her to be the least scary thing in this movie that was about her. I actually felt bad for the doll in this movie because with her being new her eyes give more of a “wanna play?” face than a “I’m gonna kill you” face. The demon is the actual bad guy and that left the big bad wolf (Annabelle) twisting in the wind.

A few good things about this movie is that is definitely ties into the first movie. Not in the best way but it does connect the two movies. This movie brings up the Higgins family and the original Raggedy Anne doll, which I thought was awesome. In the real story of Annabelle, it was said that the Higgins family lost their daughter Annabelle Higgins in a car accident and her spirit went on to possess a Raggedy Anne doll. Bringing these facts up in this story seemed to me like they wanted to make up for the first Annabelle movie not being based on any facts.

Did I like this movie? Yes, but I do regret paying so much to go watch it in the theater. My family would have been just as happy renting it on Redbox for $2 and watching in the comfort of our home. Not worth the money to watch in the theater. However, the one thing I loved about seeing this in the theater was getting to see a longer sneak peek at Stephen King’s IT coming out on September 8th 2017.

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  1. Great review, very detailed. I like your viewpoint and you have definitely helped me make my decision on whether to see this movie or not.

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