Michael Wong Interview: Creating Killer Tattoos… One Victim at a Time

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Recently Ubiquitous Horror got to interview director/writer/producer Michael Wong. This is a name you’re going to want to remember because he is truly a talented creative mind that has decided to break his way into the horror genre! After winning over 50 awards as an ad agency’s creative director, he made the move into the film industry. I was very lucky to get the opportunity to watch his micro short film The Tattooist. The film is in the form of a trailer, and you can’t help but to want to see more! Don’t believe me? Michael has given me permission to share the short with you all here! That’s right, you are getting the same chance I got to watch this awesome piece of gore.

Take a look:

He wrote the micro film with the intention that it could be turned into a short film or even a full-length feature. So that want for more that you’re tasting right now, may be satisfied soon! The film’s cast features Yanhu Wang, Li Lu, Myra Mala, Chase Lichtenberg, Simon Shiyamba, Mayela Magrou, and Dan Litza. Check out the rest of the crew that help create the film here. Michael went with an interesting approach for casting. Both Yanhu Wang (The Tattooist) and Li Lu (Platinum) shared this moment as their first time acting, as both of them are actual tattoo artist from Beijing’s LeiShi Tattoo Studio. He stated that using non-actors is a great way to bring “authenticity to your character”, and he was right.

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This is Michael’s first-time directing horror, and let’s face it, he nailed it, but why the switch to the dark side? According to Michael, it wasn’t even the film industry that helped him cook up this idea, “The idea for the film started off from an escape room business that my partners and I have started.” That’s right folks, he wanted to find a way to scare the shit out of us in a controlled environment, so he created an escape room and then turned that into a movie. However, it was his love of films such as “Saw, Hostel, and Se7en” mixed with his love of “psychedelic visuals, neon lights, and mixed hues” that inspired this twisted work of art.

I want to be honest with you all, after watching this film, I was angry. I wanted to see more! So, I had to ask Michael about it, what aren’t we seeing in this micro short? Michael told me that The Tattooist is a “very picky sod” and that it is only when he is able to create his best work or a “masterpiece” that discovers his victims. Therefore, the victims are completely random! As you can see in the clip, it doesn’t matter the race, age, or gender, if you received his “finest work” then you are in danger. Each victim is then drugged, imprisoned, and forced to fight their way out, but they have a time limit to do so, but much like a cat bats around a mouse before eating it, The Tattooist likes to play with his victims before he slaughters them.

It is Michael’s hope that The Tattooist can gain some real traction and recognition as it makes its rounds in the film festival circuit. With any luck the film will gain the attention of investors and producers to help it grow into a full-length film… Jason Blum… James Wan… We’re looking at you.

Let’s face it people, the micro version of The Tattooist can stand alone, it’s strong, but until we share it around none of us will get to see the real torture and True Fear that Michael Wong can unleash upon us.

Michael’s Favorite Horror movies:

Demons (1985)

Demons 2 (1986)

World War Z

Saw (2004)

Shutter (2004)

Final Destination franchise

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  1. Great interview about this up and comer in the horror world! And wishing you lots of success with your micro movie Michael Wong! I know gore fans will love it and it gets the push it needs to grow into a full length feature!

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