Movie Review: Skickelsen (Out of the Darkness)

Skickelsen (Out of the Darkness)

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris


This is a film I had to think about for a little bit. I was nervous that I would be reviewing a film that was not so much horror but more thriller/mystery. However, the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would fit right in here at Ubiquitous Horror.

When I originally watched Skickelsen, which is also known by its English title Out of the Darkness, I was just going to watch the first five minutes to see what language it was in, the quality of the film, and what the characters were like, but then I was hooked. I found myself intrigued. I was asking questions, taking in every detail, and even at times talking to the characters as if they could hear me (sadly, they could not). I ended up watching the whole thing and loving it!

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Winning Best Foreign Short from Horrorant Film Festival “fright Nights” Athens and Méliès d’Argent from Abertoir Horror film festival, Skickelsen seems to be ending its film festival run with a bang. The film has also been official selections at Screamfest LA, FANT Bilbao, Nocturna Madrid, and Shorts Mexico. It will soon be available to watch online, but as of right now the location of this release has yet to be decided.

Skickelsen was written by Mikael Holmström and co-written and directed by Jonas Gramming. Together, Holmström and Gramming were able to show that timing is everything and with the help of Lars Väringer, they gave fate a face. The film is about a woman named Sara (played by Lova Schildt) living alone in a quiet apartment building. Her neighbor across the hall is a cocky young guy (played by Tony Lundgren) who seems to think he can do whatever he wants, and her new neighbor (played by Lars Väringer) in the apartment between them, is a mysterious old man who keeps to himself, except around Sara. With a runtime of 14:18, this film was able to capture a certain mystery that will leave you talking long after it ends.


I couldn’t help but to think about the film Needful Things while watching this. A mysterious man rolls into town and suddenly everyone’s life is changed. Equipped with a gold timer, a folder, a light bulb, and a screw driver, the old man leaves you wondering if he is good or evil and why is he so interested in Sara. However, the young man across the hall from Sara doesn’t embody the same mystery and makes his intentions pretty clear. Sara must face the impending danger with only the items in her apartment, but will it be enough to save her, and from who.

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The True Fear that this film brings is subtle, but it’s there. It is the kind of fear that leaves you nervous to be alone in your own home or that makes you afraid to take a chance on strangers.

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  1. Oooooooo this sounds like it will be creepy scary suspenseful fun! Can’t wait until it is available online!! Great review! Let us know if you find out when it is released to watch and where!!

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