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Antimity is back with another short film to make your skin crawl, Itch. As you all know, I am not here to sugar coat anything and I am also not here to be close minded to any new projects, so this will be a very honest review about a short film I was not a major fan of, let’s dive right in.

Itch is a film focused on two young women, Summer (played by Danielle Jake) and Skye (played by Leah Boken) who are looking to get their next fix of a drug called “Cloud”. In the process they have tied poor poor Abner (played by Jeff Young who also appeared in the short film Hands) to a bed in an effort to get more of this mysterious drug. However, upon awakening Abner reveals that the promise he made the girls for more drugs was just a drunken lie. Unfortunately for Abner, Summer and Skye prove that nothing, not even a lie, will stop them from getting what they want.

Right off the bat, the music for this film reminds me of Lunch Ladies, which is absolutely awesome because it really gives the film a creepy vibe as the bass in the song really gets under your skin. It truly sets the mood.

I think the acting is where I lost it with this film. There were definitely parts of this film I loved, such as Summer’s sweet way of trying to talk Skye down. Danielle Jake really nailed this adorable sweet personality, which gives Abner and the viewers a sense of calm in a rather dire situation.

Abner’s sarcasm about being tied to the bed cracked me up! I have to say, my favorite line in the whole film was, “Nope. Don’t really care where ya got it, only care why you’re using it this way.”

And Skye’s constant itching really helped us believe that she was so uncomfortable that she was ready to snap at anyone who got in her way.

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However, there were aspects that just made the film awkward. Abner, sweetie, you are tied to a bed and could die, where is your sense of urgency? You barely tried to get out? I’m claustrophobic, so I really expected you to play on that fear. I get it, you are basically just a talking head at this point, but you could headbutt or wiggle off the bed or bite or something! Damn, if you’re going to die, go out fighting!

The film is called Itch, I better see some serious itching! While Skye does itch, it almost seems like she is dealing with a bunch of bug bites, because Summer doesn’t itch once throughout the entire film. Why not? Is she more used to the drug? We know she too is jonesing for a fix, but she shows no signs of it. If the film is called Itch, I want to see so much itching that it makes me want to itch too!

I had to watch this film a few times to really enjoy it. It may not seem like it by the review, but I really did enjoy it. I just think that it could have been executed better than it was.

Did Itch bring the True Fear? Upon first watch, no. I was not worried about Abner or Summer or Skye. However, after watching it over again, I do think that it brought True Fear. Getting past the fact that Abner almost seems amused to be there, when the truth about his visit is revealed, I was genuinely concerned about him.

If you haven’t gotten the chance yet, please check out more from the Antimity crew, as they are always putting out new projects!

Learn more about Antimity here and click here to watch more of their short films!

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  1. Great review! I liked that it was very objective and that while you were not a large fan you did find aspects of the film you enjoyed and feel that it is well worth a look see!!

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