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Rakefet Abergel is back and I couldn’t be more excited! You may remember her from Jax in Love, her first short horror film that she wrote and starred in, if you haven’t gotten the chance to see it as of yet, check it out here! 

By not only starring in, but also, directing and writing this new film, Abergel continues to prove just how talented she is, and with the help of an all star cast and crew, Boo shows the world just how much bloody fun they all are!


Boo is centered around a woman, Devi – aka Boo – (played by Rakefet Abergel) who is living life seven years sober. Killing it, Devi! She lingers after a sobriety meeting with two other members, Ava (played by Parisa Fitz-Henley) and Grace (played by Laura Wiggins). Seeing that there is something wrong, the two try and cheer Devi up by reminding her that seven years sober is a massive accomplishment, which seems to work. Unfortunately for Devi, when her friends leave for the night, she is left alone in a dark parking lot while she waits for her fiancé Jared (played by Josh Kelly) to pick her up. BOO_Stills__1.157.1 However, if she wasn’t left alone, she never would have bumped into Chris (played by Michael Villar – I’m sure he is a very sweet person, but damn, dude! You creeped me out in this movie!), a real gem of a guy who dangles temptation in Devi’s face left and right. While her sobriety and her fiancé are everything to her, she must now face the demons that are placed in front of her and her decision could be deadly.

I loved this film so much! There was an amazing cast and crew working on this project, over 50% of which was women, as Boo is their contribution to helping more women get into the film industry and into the horror genre. They were able to bring a story to life that housed so many hard topics.  From the Me Too movement to fighting addiction to relationship issues, this film was able to cover them all while giving it an interesting twist. I truly enjoyed the dialog throughout, because the writers were almost able to tell two stories at the same time. Once you watch this film the first time, you need to watch it again and really listen to everything being said, it will change everything for you!

Did this film bring True Fear, hell yes! The second you think you know what is going on or you think know what is going to happen, everything is flipped on its head. The fun part about this film was how it was able to nail it on multiple levels, which gave it so much depth!

Don’t miss your chance to see a screening of Boo:

Show Low Film Festival – October

Scares That Care – August

Dragon Con – August

Be on the look out for an upcoming Ubiquitous Horror interview with Rakefet Abergel in the near future!

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