Movie Review: IT Chapter Two

IT Chapter Two

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

IT Chapter Two was a movie I was very much looking forward to. I loved the first one so much, regardless of the many bad reviews I heard about it. I knew that the second one would be good, but I was concerned that IT Chapter Two wouldn’t be as good as the first one.

One major issue I had with this movie was the casting of Bill Hader in the role of Richie. Honestly, I watch him on SNL all the time and love him, but I thought that it would be difficult to see him as anything but funny. I was worried that they would force him to play the role super serious, which I thought would ruin it. Thankfully, they stayed true to the character and utilized his comedy aspect, which really helped bring a realness to Richie.

A few complaints I’ve heard so far was that IT Chapter Two was far too long. Coming in at just under three hours, I can understand the complaints. However, I went into the movie, not knowing the length, and I didn’t even notice it as being too long.

I loved every minute of this movie. I think they did a great job making this one a bit more like the original film, which should make a lot of people pretty happy. While it has been many years since I watched the original IT, I did notice that I could point out what was going to happen in a few scenes. Whether I picked up on that from the book (the little bit that I did read) or the original film, it was nice seeing them keep those moments alive.

Outside of my original concerns about Bill Hader, they did an awesome job casting this movie. The adults really looked like the kids and they all did a great job with the personalities. I have to say that Richie and Eddie (played by James Ransone) were my absolute favorites, but I think they were my favorites in the first one too.

Left to right (Character names): Eddie, Ben, Bill, Beverly, Stan, Richie, Mike
The Break Down:

IT Chapter Two holds the Loser’s Club to their promise from the first one, if IT comes back, we come back and kill him. However, due to everyone except Mike leaving town, their memories of what happened are a bit foggy. Mike (played by Isaiah Mustafa) plays on this fact to ensure that they all come home. It isn’t until they are enjoying a group meal that the memories start to come back. The fear sets in and Mike has no choice but to tell everyone why they’re really there.

The group dinner was one of my favorite scenes. During this scene when everyone starts to figure things out, there is a short and sudden sensory overload. This is something that many people with anxiety have to deal with, which I think it why this scene worked so well. Suddenly everyone is talking at the same time. The camera is flashing from face to face. They are trying to figure something out so we flash between faces and the problem they are trying to solve. The overwhelming feeling it causes helps you feel what the characters are feeling. It was beautifully done.

Unfortunately, once the group discovers why Mike called them home, they all decide that it’s time to go. It’s only after Bill (played by James McAvoy) takes some time to hear Mike out, that he agrees that they all need to stay and help. Therefore, he and Mike set out to convince everyone to stay.

Something I hated about the first film, which they continued in the second, was the Henry Bowers story line. Oh my god, I don’t care! It felt so unnecessary, didn’t add anything to the main story, and if it was removed, the story would have been the same. On top of that, they aged him so badly! I get it, he is a bad kid, but they aged him so rough! Honestly, if the story didn’t tell me who he was, I wouldn’t have known. They only told us that it was him by showing us a flashback. While the flashbacks were a nice touch, I think they should have prompted us about them at first, because I honestly thought that Henry Bowers was coming out of the sewers as a young kid in 2016.

Anyway! So, Mike explains to the group that they all need to gather a trinket from their past. Doing that would help them defeat Pennywise. But of course, this triggers Pennywise to give each member a personal visit. Btw, why doesn’t he just kill these people? Everyone else sees the clown and boom they are dead, but Pennywise likes to toy with this group. Also, everyone sees their biggest fear when they encounter Pennywise, is Beverly (played by Jessica Chastain) afraid of old ladies? Because it seems that Pennywise utilizes an old lady persona to attack her. Why not her dad? Her husband? Anything except an old lady.

One scene that genuinely scared me was the fun house with Bill. It was in all the trailers, so I knew what to expect, but somehow it still triggered my anxiety and claustrophobia. I knew it was coming! Oh well. Regardless of my fear, I loved it. I truly enjoy when a film can bring real fear to the viewers causing them to feel like they are in some sort of real danger. So, thank you for that, but also, fuck you for scaring me.

My Thoughts:

Overall, I loved this movie. Despite having a few moments here and there that I felt could have been changed, it was a great film. I felt they stayed true to the first movie, and even better they seemed to stay pretty close to the original movie and book in certain areas. When thinking between the two Pennywise characters we’ve seen, I don’t think there is a better one. I think both Bill Skarsgård and Tim Curry did amazing jobs

True Fear?

Absolutely. I didn’t think there would be, but IT Chapter Two played on real fears, coulrophobia, claustrophobia, and so much more. The film is filled with True Fear that would make anyone uneasy. However, it isn’t the True Fear that should send you to the movie theaters. The dialog and interactions between the characters is just fun to watch. Richie and Eddie alone make the film a great watch, but if you’ve watched the first film, you will be able to see how awesome everyone did aging up these characters and bringing them to life.

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  1. Great review!! I remember watching the original back in the day and that was super creepy and scary. That one left a big impression so have been hesitant to catch these newer versions, especially since the original would have been tame compared to today’s standards. The trailers and now your review is starting to sway me. 🤓

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