Movie Review: Victor Crowley

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Victor Crowley

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

I was so excited when I saw that the movie Victor Crowley was on Hulu! For one, I absolutely loved the Hatchet series, and Parry Shen was in all of them. However, the best part about this one is that he is main character! Another treat about this movie is that it has Brian Quinn from Impractical Jokers! And the best of the best, Kane Hodder continues his role as Victor Crowley, and that dude is a fucking beast! I knew before watching it that I was going to love it, but here’s why.

What it’s all about:

The movie’s focus bounces between three friends who want to make a movie about the murders and Andrew Yong, the sole survivor of the murders. The three friends, Chloe (Katie Booth), Alex (Chase Williamson), and Rose (Laura Ortiz) want Andrew Yong to be in their movie more than anything. Because Andrew is the only living person to see Victor Crowley, he has become the nation’s number one suspect. On top of that he seems to be cashing in on the attack with his new book I, Survivor and his interviews about the incident.

At a book signing, the three wannabe filmmakers plan on asking Andrew to be in their movie. Unfortunately, the second they meet him, his publicist rushes him off for a big opportunity. Chloe, Alex, and Rose decide to head to the location of the murders to begin working on their trailer. Meanwhile, Andrew’s publicist has promised him a million dollar payout for a special interview at the location of the murders. He initially said no, but the million dollars seemed to change his mind really fast.

At the location, the three kids want to use the actual spell that was used to bring Victor Crowley back. When Rose doesn’t know the proper way to say it, she looks it up online.

Let me just think this through a little bit. These morons want to go to the location of a homicidal spirit and actually say the words that was used multiple times to bring him back to life, just to get enough footage for a three minute clip. Seems like a horrible idea, but who cares! Bring back Victor! Kill ’em all!

While the people on the ground do their last minute research, Andrew is on the worst airplane in the world. The plane is so small that it is only flying those involved in the interview. The small camera crew, Andrew, his publicist, and his ex-wife/popular talk show host who hates his guts.

While Rose watches what seems like 50 different YouTube videos trying to learn how to properly say the spell, Andrew’s plane takes a turn for the worst. And by turn for the worst, I mean the ground. It’s crashed. They crashed. Plane go boom.

I guess the spell being said combined with the people who died at that exact moment, completed the ritual. Because Big Daddy V was back and more pissed than ever. Soon the kids and the plane survivors decided to put their minds together to try and defeat Victor Crowley. However, due to Andrew’s past, no one really wanted to listen to his advice, which left many of them open to Victor’s wrath. All they have to do is survive the night, or kill Victor Crowley. Simple enough.


This movie was made to be hilarious, and they nailed it. It is incredibly cringey and gross as hell, but so funny! I think it’s important for everyone watching any of the Hatchet films for the first time to realize that they are supposed to be funny and they are supposed to make you uncomfortable. That’s the best part.

True Fear?

Absolutely not. I have seen some comedy horror films that still brought the True Fear, but this one leaned more on the comedy side. This one is all blood and all gore, so just be ready for that. Again, you can find this one on Hulu so if you watch it, let me know what you thought!

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Siobahn Harris graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with honors, earning her bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and English with a concentration on fiction writing. She worked for three months editing non-fiction books for Motivational Press and now runs a blog page sharing horror themed short stories and movie reviews. While she enjoys editing, her true passion is using her creativity to create new and unique stories that can truly scare her audience. Her dream is to one day put her writing skills to the test and work with a team to develop a horror themed video game or movie. She plans to continue learning as much as she can about the writing industry to perfect her skills and someday rule the world.

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  1. Love the review! I do enjoy a scary movie that interjects some humor throughout. I think it gives the audience a chance to breath plus it really helps you have a stronger connection to the characters. You very sweetly showed us clips when you were here of some parts that were hilarious! Those parts make me want to watch the movie but the gore parts you mentioned make me waffle…not sure to watch or not. But loved what I saw of Brian Quinn, he is a hoot!!

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