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Number 26 on the Countdown to Halloween

The Ripper, The Dunes, and Ride

Movie Reviews by Siobahn Harris

Sharing the number 26 spot are three of the shorts from the Huluween Film Fest, The Ripper, The Dunes, and Ride. It seems to be getting harder and harder for me to find horror films that I like, so today was really difficult. I tried two other movies but got totally bored with them and gave up part of the way through. However, I was excited to watch some more shorts!

The Ripper

The Ripper was kind of a weird movie. I think they were going for funny but the closest they got was awkward.

Small rock band is practicing when the lead singer demands a solo from the second guitarist, but he’s left hanging. Unfortunately for the lead singer, his second guitarist doesn’t know how to solo. When asked if he can do anything special, he shows that he has an ability that no one else has. Sadly, it isn’t an ability that is useful or wanted, which leads to an odd conversation about where they should go from there.

I get where they were going and I can see that they were trying for funny, but I wasn’t laughing. I think that’s because they were trying a bit to hard to push the sarcastic humor and it didn’t land.

True Fear?

No. Because the intention was to be funny it removed any fear. Unfortunately, the lack of fear and the lack of funny really left us with nothing.

The Dunes

The Dunes was a creepy fun watch. I loved how they were able to get us a lot of information without over doing it.

Here you have a couple spending a little alone time together on a small beach. The two spend some time running around but when the girl discovers that she’s lost her necklace, they stop to search for it. Within a few minutes we find out what her necklace looked like, who gave it to her, and what it means to have it. That information told us a lot about the girl, her family, her beliefs, and her fears, without having to bore us with too much back story. When the girl bumps into another person on the beach she gets a bad feeling and decide it’s time to go. However, it may already be too late.

True Fear?

While I don’t think this one had any True Fear, I do think it was a great watch. The creators did a really good job with this one and I would love to see a longer version of it. I think if it was a well done full length, it might be able to bring the True Fear.


Ride is kind of bittersweet for me. While I did love it and it had way more fear than the last two, it kind of left me high and dry.

New to town, Brit goes with her friend to a spin class. They did a great job with the social anxiety in the beginning of this, it was totally relatable. Once her friend shows up, the two of them jump onto their bikes and the most intense ride of her life begins. While it is Brit’s first ride, everyone else is celebrating their 700th ride. As the ride gets faster and tougher everyone begins looking more and more possessed. She pushes as hard as she can but the question is, will Brit be able to survive her Ride.

I only hated two things about this short, the music was way too loud and the ending was a bummer for me. However, you may feel otherwise, so definitely check it out!

True Fear?

Up until the ending, yes. I really loved this short. It was creepy, weird, and makes you feel uncomfortable, in a good way. This short makes you question everything that is going on and everything that is being said, which is exactly what you want!

I really love the Huluween sections this year! Be on the look out, I’ll be reviewing the other four shorts from the Huluween Film Fest soon!

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  1. Great multiple review! Hulu does love Halloween and gives us a large assortment of movies to keep us looking over our shoulder. Well at least 2 out of 3 of these shorts were watchable…😃 not bad! I will be giving them a peek and the rest of the film fest. After your reviews that is 😄

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