Movie Reviews: Huluween Film Fest Cont.

Number 22 on the Countdown to Halloween

Hidden Mother, Swiped to Death, Undo, and Flagged

Movie Reviews by Siobahn Harris

Well folks, we knew we were coming back to Huluween Film Fest and here we are! I am so happy that I saved these four shorts for last because these were definitely better than the previous three. While I did like all of them, these stood out as bringing the fear a little harder!

Hidden Mother

This story follows a widow who receives a gift from her little sister, an old baby picture. She explains the history of the picture, which is surprisingly interesting. While creepy, the widow decides to keep the picture in her baby’s room. Um….what? You guys can see that scary ass picture, right? I like it and all, but I wouldn’t put that near my baby. So, the first night of her dumb idea, things start to go wrong. She quickly learns that some pictures just need to be burned.

It feels weird putting this one first, because I’m putting these in the order that I liked them. I honestly thought that this one was going to be my favorite. You know me, I want to be scared! However, I didn’t feel scared watching this.

True Fear?

I really enjoyed this short but I didn’t feel any True Fear. I thought it left a lot of questions to be answered. Also, I’m worried that if someone decides to make this into a full length feature, it is going to boring because they will tell WAY too much backstory. I think if they were able to show a bit more of the antagonist, this would have been scarier. By that I just mean, it needed more build up to the antagonist.

Swiped to Death

This one was about two people just looking for the right person on a dating app. I liked that they utilized an idea that is so common today. These two match up with each other and immediately start chatting. They seem to hit it off right away. There were some jokes thrown around that would normally make someone uncomfortable but these two seemed to click so well that they were able to find the humor in it. Things go so well that they decide to have drinks that night, at her house. I found this very odd, but it’s been many moons since I’ve dated so maybe this is normal now…? They decide to meet up at 10pm, but unfortunately for one of them, this date will take a very dark turn before the night is over.

Like the others, I really liked this one! I thought it was a cool idea for a story and I think it was super cute. They did a great job telling the story, but I have to say that I found it extremely predictable. I was able to call it right away and I really wished I didn’t because I wanted the surprise!

True Fear?

Not for this one. I think it was a very good watch and the conversation between the two was just adorable, but with it being predictable, it took the fear out of it.


You know that feeling you get when you spend forever in your lab trying to solve a problem and then you do? No? Really? That’s like every Thursday for me! Well, this guy gets it! He found a way to reverse time. Just as he was about to celebrate with himself, he spots a cloaked intruder on his property. One that is moving very strange. Terrified, he runs into the house and calls for help, but help never comes. The intruder seems to be focused on one thing, his invention, but he isn’t about to give up on his work so easily. The strange cloaked person also seems to be leaving death in its wake. With no help, he must face down the intruder before everything he worked so hard on is gone forever.

Undo was such a great idea!! I loved that it was Halloween themed. Unfortunately, this meant that there was a jump scare but it wasn’t the main focus of this short. This short has a great twist and was perfectly executed.

True Fear?

Yes! Honestly, just judging a book by its cover, I wasn’t interested in this short. But after watching the trailer for it, I knew it was going to be scary. The cloaked intruder honestly scared me. The way it moved and it being pretty unstoppable creeped me out! I hope you get the chance to watch this one, because it was pretty awesome.


Flagged plays on the desperate need for a job, any job. When the main character is forced to get a job due to her boyfriend having a broken leg, she takes whatever job she can find. In this case, she found a job for a knockoff Facebook where she will have to watch flagged content to decide if it is inappropriate or not. She and her boyfriend knew it would be a tough job, but it pays the bills. At the end of her first day, she gets a notice for a new flagged video, but what she sees will change everything.

I loved this short so flipping much! The idea for the story and the kills were absolutely perfect! However, there was one big downside to this short, the main actress. She delivered her lines awkwardly. At the start of the short, she was smiling… a lot, seriously it was like a constant smile and it was really weird. I was confused about why she was still smiling when her boyfriend was talking to her about the job. Then as a joke she threatens to break his other leg, but she is still doing that weird smile. I was a little worried she was actually going to do it. She just needs to work on her dialog a bit more. For a second there I thought it was the lines that were bad, but sadly no.

You may be wondering why I have this one listed as my favorite, if I have this issue with it. To be honest, the rest of story was so strong that it outweighed her dialog. It was creepy, I didn’t see it coming, and the visuals were great!

True Fear?

Yes. What I loved the most about this one was that I didn’t see it coming! I watched the trailer for this short and I had no idea what direction they were going in. They really brought it with this one and I think it would be great to see this one as a full length feature.

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  1. Great review of a handful of shorts from the Huluween film fest. Very interesting that directors/writers put together engaging stories for their shorts but seem to neglect the key element….and that is horror. Sometimes I think they get so wrapped up in the backstories or in developing other characters that the fear seems to get pushed to the background.

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