Movie Review: Momma Don’t Go

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Momma, Don’t Go

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

I seriously love Maniacally Short Mondays! It really gives me a chance to see just how creative and crazy the horror minds can get without restrictions! Momma, Don’t Go was written and directed by Rafael De Leon Jr., someone you all might remember from another review I did, Goodbye Old Friend. His work is outstanding and I’m thrilled to get another look into his creative mind!


Two intruders threaten the lives of a mother and her daughter. While one intruder seems uneasy about the situation at hand, the other is a bit more head strong and trigger happy. In order to survive this hellacious night, Vicky and Claire will have to do whatever it takes.

Momma, Don’t Go – horror teaser trailer from Rafael De Leon Jr. on Vimeo.


This short was absolutely brilliant! I already knew I was going to like it, but this is a five minute clip and they were able to tell a whole backstory, make you feel for the characters, and bring the fear. I was blown away.

The acting was beautiful. I really loved how Anthony Franqui delivered his lines, because I found him so believable. Also, I would be crazy not to mention Julia Tolchin. She plays Claire and you can feel the fear pouring out of her. Her screams were beautiful and just cut through me every time.

I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with this short. However, if you really want me to pick something, I will try. There was only one toothbrush in the bathroom. There I said it. In a house with three people, there was only one toothbrush on the sink. Yeah… that’s it. This movie really brought it, so finding a flaw is difficult!

True Fear?

Yes! I had no idea what direction this short was going in, even though I kept guessing. And all of my guesses were way off. I wanted to see so much more of this movie, because it was so interesting!

Where can you see it:

I know I normally share the clip with you to watch, but this one you will have to go see.

Nightmares Film Festival will be showing Momma, Don’t Go soon! The festival runs from October 24-27 in Columbus, Ohio. Follow the link above to find out more about it and buy your tickets now! Don’t miss your chance to see this one!

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