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Maniacally Short Monday Brings Us

Welcome back to Maniacally Short Monday, where you can get a taste of creepy, but just a taste! This week we were lucky enough to get an inside look into Washed, a short horror written by Michael Bartolomeo and Stephen West-Rogers. This was such a creative short with an amazing film style!


Steve (Stephen West-Rogers) and his girlfriend Serg (Sergine Garraud) become overwhelmed by their ungodly amount of laundry. I know their pain. Serg sends Steve out to find a laundry service capable of cleaning their clothes. Thankfully, Steve discovers a dimly lit cleaner run by a creepy cloaked man (Lukas Hassel). Unfortunately, this laundry service might make their clothes more dirty than they were before.


I’m torn about this short. While, yes, I loved it, I was just left confused by the ending.

Washed was recorded using stop-motion film style. When I first noticed they were using this style, I was a little skeptical about whether or not it would be a good way to go. It was awesome. This film style really added to the creepy feel of the whole video. While it seemed like this was more of a horror comedy, it still had that very creepy feel to it.

I watched Michael Bartolomeo’s other short, Solved, and just fell in love with the main actor. Stephen West-Rogers was also the main actor in Washed, and there is just something about him that I love. I’m excited to see more horror with him in it.

This only thing I didn’t like about this short was the ending. I know that having an ending that doesn’t land could really break a movie, but that wasn’t the case here. I still say that Washed was a great short, I was just confused about what was going on.

True Fear?

No True Fear here. However, like I mentioned before, the film style alone gives this horror short a truly creepy feel! This is definitely a short that anyone could watch and enjoy and soon you all will!

Where can I watch it and where has it been?

Washed was an Official Selection at these 2019 film festivals:

  • Nightmares Film Festival
  • Morbido Fest
  • Knoxville Horror Film Fest (winner of the Special Jury Prize)
  • PA Indie Shorts Film Festival

However, you can look forward to watching Washed online by late 2020!

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  1. Well this is a short I look forward to catching. Like a good horror comedy and definitely can relate to being up to my eyeballs in laundry. Though I think even so I might find another laundromat that didn’t have a creepy attendant! LOL!!

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