Killer on the Loose

The Author:


Siobahn Harris graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in 2017 earning her BA in Creative Writing and English with honors. Currently she resides in Florida with her husband Bo and her boyfriend John.

From a very young age, she realized that horror was her draw. Writing little things here and there showed just how much she enjoyed the creepy theme. However, it wasn’t until she was an adult that she realized that she wanted to become an author.

Her love of the horror genre began with her personal fear in the movies Child’s Play, Maximum Overdrive, and Stephen King’s IT. However, one of her biggest fears growing up was in the popular television show, Tales from the Crypt.

Around the age of 13, Siobahn truly discovered just how much the horror genre had an effect on her. At that age she wrote a poem called Just One Eye Witness, which was about a woman who was murdered in her hometown. This was something she always had pride in because it was her first written piece and she enjoyed the comments received about how gruesome the poem was.

Recently, she discovered a story that she began writing when she was 15 years old about a woman who gets out of the shower to find her entire family murdered. It was during this time that Siobahn really started to take note of the theme that continued pop up in all of her writing. However, instead of turning in a new direction, she allowed that theme to drive her work.

In the past, Siobahn has worked with Motivational Press editing non-fiction books. With this company she has helped edit four books, Beautiful Disasters: A Family’s Journey Through Teen Depression by Carolyn Zahnow, The Invisible Fitness Formula: 5 Secrets to Release Weight and End Body Shame by JJ Flizanes, and The First Time Home Investor Book and The First Time Home Buyer Book both written by Michael Wolf.

While Siobahn has always loved being able to help other writers perfect their craft, her number one focus is on creating horror through her writing.

She has also done some work with Gamers Sphere. Here she showcased her writing and research skills in four original articles, Pennywise Fully Revealed in Stephen King’s Full-Length IT Trailer, Happy Death Day Redefines Gerascophobia with its Trailer, Annabelle: Creation proves just how Twisted a Doll can be with Trailer #2, and The 2016 SDCC brought the fans Captain Marvel but 2017 brings The Skrulls.

Even though she often tries to challenge herself by writing new styles or using different techniques, Siobahn believes her ability to write realistic dialog and inner thoughts are her strongest aspect. This is something she hopes that everyone can see in each of her projects as she is constantly trying to learn new ways to perfect her work.