Rakefet Abergel Interview: Creeping into the Horror Genre, Leaving No Woman Behind

Rakefet Abergel 2

Ubiquitous Horror was able to grab a moment with film industry’s renaissance woman on the rise, Rakefet Abergel. Whether it’s producing, directing, writing, or acting, Abergel seems to do it with ease, and we horror fans are just fortunate enough to have her in our genre, even though that wasn’t her initial intent, “I fell into horror by accident”. Believe it or not, the creator and star of the short film Jax in Love had this to say about it, “I didn’t think that Jax in Love was a horror, but it seems it is!” Lucky for us! Continue reading “Rakefet Abergel Interview: Creeping into the Horror Genre, Leaving No Woman Behind”

Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit

A short story written by Siobahn Harris 12/14/2018


“Why’d we come all the way out here?” Liliana asked as she peered into the darkness surrounding the old pickup.

Marcus palmed the keys. The door of the rusty red dodge let out a loud crack as he climbed out.

Liliana whipped her head towards him, “Wait- Where are you going?”

“You wanted a Christmas tree, didn’t you?” He stood in the doorway, only a silhouette to her as the truck’s interior light had been broken for years.

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A short story written by Siobahn Harris 8/19/2018


-Live Stream Day-

“Are you really going to do another live stream today?” Cole’s shoulders dropped, and his head fell to one side. His large brown eyes soaked in concern.

“Baby, what are you so worried about? I do these videos all the time.”

Cole grabbed Bethany’s shoulders, locking eyes with her, “Normally you do one live stream a month, now you’re going to do 11! That’s a huge jump!”

Bethany pulled away and started setting up the desk in her office. She clicked on the large bright light fixed over her camera, and turned to Cole, “I made a promise to my fans. What’s the big deal?”

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