Movie Reviews: Huluween Film Fest

Number 26 on the Countdown to Halloween

The Ripper, The Dunes, and Ride

Movie Reviews by Siobahn Harris

Sharing the number 26 spot are three of the shorts from the Huluween Film Fest, The Ripper, The Dunes, and Ride. It seems to be getting harder and harder for me to find horror films that I like, so today was really difficult. I tried two other movies but got totally bored with them and gave up part of the way through. However, I was excited to watch some more shorts!

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Movie Review: Victor Crowley

Number 29 on the Countdown to Halloween

Victor Crowley

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

I was so excited when I saw that the movie Victor Crowley was on Hulu! For one, I absolutely loved the Hatchet series, and Parry Shen was in all of them. However, the best part about this one is that he is main character! Another treat about this movie is that it has Brian Quinn from Impractical Jokers! And the best of the best, Kane Hodder continues his role as Victor Crowley, and that dude is a fucking beast! I knew before watching it that I was going to love it, but here’s why.

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