Movie Review: Between the Darkness

Between The Darkness

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

To be honest, when I first watched the trailer for Between the Darkness, I was concerned. I thought it would end up being a horror movie whose fear based solely on the idea of a antagonist. You know what I’m talking about, right? The kind of film that ends with there being no villain, just the protagonist’s inner demons. Thankfully, I was so incredibly wrong. Between the Darkness was such a beautifully dark and mysteriously creepy coming-of-age story.

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Update: Skickelsen (Out of the Darkness) Release Date

Recently, I had the pleasure of reviewing the thriller short Skickelsen, written by Mikael Holmström and Jonas Gramming.

The dark short shows a woman’s journey into a world where she learns that she can save herself from anything, as long everything is in the right place. The film blurs the line between good and evil while leaving you torn between who the antagonist really is. Continue reading “Update: Skickelsen (Out of the Darkness) Release Date”