Rakefet Abergel Interview: Creeping into the Horror Genre, Leaving No Woman Behind

Rakefet Abergel 2

Ubiquitous Horror was able to grab a moment with film industry’s renaissance woman on the rise, Rakefet Abergel. Whether it’s producing, directing, writing, or acting, Abergel seems to do it with ease, and we horror fans are just fortunate enough to have her in our genre, even though that wasn’t her initial intent, “I fell into horror by accident”. Believe it or not, the creator and star of the short film Jax in Love had this to say about it, “I didn’t think that Jax in Love was a horror, but it seems it is!” Lucky for us! Continue reading “Rakefet Abergel Interview: Creeping into the Horror Genre, Leaving No Woman Behind”

Movie Review: The Loved Ones

The Loved Ones

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

The Loved Ones

WARNING: This movie is all blood, all gore, and all awesome!

I found this movie on Hulu and figured I would give it a try. After watching a trailer for it, I knew it would be a keeper. I was excited when I found out this was an Australian horror movie. There is just something about foreign horror films that I love! Let’s dive right in!

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Movie Review: Annabelle: Creation

Annabelle: Creation

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris


Tonight, I gathered up the family and we went to an early showing of Annabelle: Creation. Now, I don’t normally review movies that are still in the theater, so I brought a note pad with me to mark the jump scares and all my random thoughts throughout.

I am not going to say this was a bad movie. However, I will say what I wrote down at the end of the movie, “Redbox Movie.” Continue reading “Movie Review: Annabelle: Creation”