Movie Review: The Killer Shrews

Number 16 on the Countdown to Halloween

The Killer Shrews

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

Just another Wickedly Way back Wednesday. This time we are traveling back to 1959 to enjoy The Killer Shrews! Like always, I had my guard up because it’s an old one, but the real worry was that I would be laughing more than anything. Thankfully, that wasn’t what I did… at least not the whole time.

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Introducing: Haeleigh Kirksey

For those of you who don’t know, I recently gave a shout out to a little girl named Haeleigh Kirksey on my Twitter page. Haeleigh is only 11 years old and has started writing short horror stories and has even created her own blog to showcase them, check that out here! She is also a very talented artist; which I hope she showcases on her blog as well. I am so excited to watch her talent grow and to see her creative mind in its infancy. Continue reading “Introducing: Haeleigh Kirksey”

Netflix or Hulu: Who Brought the True Fear this October?

It’s finally here! October has crept into our lives and us True Fear fans can finally rejoice and let our creep flags fly! It’s normally around this time of year that I begin trying to find the Halloween Easter eggs in things like stores (costumes, decorations, and candy), video games (new hair styles, clothes, and costumes), and more. However, I was thrilled to see that both Netflix and Hulu opened their Halloween hearts and bunched together the best of the best when it comes to horror. Now the question is, who brought it better?

Netflix vs Hulu
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