Movie Review: No Caller ID

No Caller ID

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

I found No Caller ID on YouTube late one night. I’m always a little concerned when watching a short because so much could go wrong in a short amount of time. Thankfully, this one was posted by Screamfest and I always seem to like their shorts!

It’s pretty simple people, don’t answer the phone if you don’t know who is calling, especially at 2am! Heather (played by Jocelyn Christian) gets a late night call and decided that it should be fine to answer. Unfortunately for her, it was probably the stupidest decision she could’ve made.

This was such a fun short to watch! At less than nine minutes, they had me trying to quiet Heather down by covering my own mouth! No Caller ID was incredibly creepy and actually reminded me of the movie Hush, which is one of my favorites. After watching this, you’ll probably check and double check the locks on your doors.

True Fear?

In only nine minutes? Believe it or not, yes! Like I said before, it didn’t take much for me to react to No Caller ID. It was creepy and the intruder aspect of it makes me think of every true crime show I’ve ever watched. This was great because while other films will leave you afraid of an impossible situation, this makes you fear reality. They killed it.



A short story written by Siobahn Harris 8/19/2018


-Live Stream Day-

“Are you really going to do another live stream today?” Cole’s shoulders dropped, and his head fell to one side. His large brown eyes soaked in concern.

“Baby, what are you so worried about? I do these videos all the time.”

Cole grabbed Bethany’s shoulders, locking eyes with her, “Normally you do one live stream a month, now you’re going to do 11! That’s a huge jump!”

Bethany pulled away and started setting up the desk in her office. She clicked on the large bright light fixed over her camera, and turned to Cole, “I made a promise to my fans. What’s the big deal?”

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The Job

The Job

A short story written by Siobahn Harris 7/2/2017


“Hi Emme, this is your career advisor. I just want to start by reminding you that we are on a recorded line. Is now a good time to talk?”

Pushing a sandy colored curl over her left ear, Emme plops down into a large arm chair, “Yes. Hi Carmen. How are you?”

“I’m doing great! Listen, I got your email and I was going to email you back but I just thought it would be easier to call you about it.”

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