Update: Skickelsen (Out of the Darkness) Release Date

Recently, I had the pleasure of reviewing the thriller short Skickelsen, written by Mikael Holmström and Jonas Gramming.

The dark short shows a woman’s journey into a world where she learns that she can save herself from anything, as long everything is in the right place. The film blurs the line between good and evil while leaving you torn between who the antagonist really is. Continue reading “Update: Skickelsen (Out of the Darkness) Release Date”

Michael Wong Interview: Creating Killer Tattoos… One Victim at a Time

Tattooist Poster A 120x95

Recently Ubiquitous Horror got to interview director/writer/producer Michael Wong. This is a name you’re going to want to remember because he is truly a talented creative mind that has decided to break his way into the horror genre! After winning over 50 awards as an ad agency’s creative director, he made the move into the film industry. I was very lucky to get the opportunity to watch his micro short film The Tattooist. The film is in the form of a trailer, and you can’t help but to want to see more! Don’t believe me? Michael has given me permission to share the short with you all here! That’s right, you are getting the same chance I got to watch this awesome piece of gore. Continue reading “Michael Wong Interview: Creating Killer Tattoos… One Victim at a Time”