Movie Review: High Tension

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High Tension

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

Wow! I wanted to find something that would really grab my interest, so I started looking for a Korean horror movie, but nothing did it for me. When I heard about High Tension, I thought that it might be an intense thrill ride for me. But I honestly did not expect the story this movie gave me.

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A short story written by Siobahn Harris 8/19/2018


-Live Stream Day-

“Are you really going to do another live stream today?” Cole’s shoulders dropped, and his head fell to one side. His large brown eyes soaked in concern.

“Baby, what are you so worried about? I do these videos all the time.”

Cole grabbed Bethany’s shoulders, locking eyes with her, “Normally you do one live stream a month, now you’re going to do 11! That’s a huge jump!”

Bethany pulled away and started setting up the desk in her office. She clicked on the large bright light fixed over her camera, and turned to Cole, “I made a promise to my fans. What’s the big deal?”

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