Movie Review: High Tension

Number 1 on the Countdown to Halloween

High Tension

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

Wow! I wanted to find something that would really grab my interest, so I started looking for a Korean horror movie, but nothing did it for me. When I heard about High Tension, I thought that it might be an intense thrill ride for me. But I honestly did not expect the story this movie gave me.

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Movie Review: Haunt

Number 10 on the Countdown to Halloween


Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

Time to blur the line between creepy fun and terrifyingly real with today’s movie, Haunt. Honestly, I only found out about this movie when I went looking for something to watch today. Outside of that, I knew nothing about this movie. It seems to play on the, is it real or is it just pretend fear, so I figured I would give it a shot. I’m happy I did.

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Movie Review: Nightmare Cinema

Number 13 on the Countdown to Halloween

Nightmare Cinema

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

I have been waiting so patiently to watch Nightmare Cinema and finally I got to watch it! After watching the trailer for this movie, I knew I would love it because it has Maurice Benard in it and I flipping love him. But there are many reasons to love this horror anthology.

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Movie Review: The Perfect Husband/Il Marito Perfetto

The Perfect Husband/Il Marito Perfetto

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

You know how you stumble onto a movie and think, hey maybe this will be good. Well, that was my first mistake today. I was watching Tubi when I came across The Perfect Husband. While I have seen this movie on there many times, I never had any interest in watching it. However, today I was bored and figured why not.

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A short story written by Siobahn Harris 2/12/2018


Examining a pair of black slacks hanging neatly from a wire hanger, Mark’s face twisted into a scowl. Funeral pants, he thought. Sliding them off the hanger, he slipped into them and then plopped down onto the edge of his bed. With his head in his hands, his dark curly hair tumbled through his fingers. His stomach turned thinking about the date he was preparing for with Sarah. She said he should dress fancy but wearing the pants he only ever wore to funerals seemed a bit too fitting, considering he was planning on breaking up with her tonight.

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