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Are you interested in seeing more horror or learning more about what’s going on in the horror genre? Send a donation! Your donations will help keep this page going! All Ubiquitous Horror donations will be used to build up the page and guarantees that you will stay up to date with the latest reviews, interviews, and more! Thankfully, it doesn’t take much, every dollar counts towards building a bigger and better horror community right here on Ubiquitous Horror.  But keep in mind, any large donation will be publicly thanked on the Ubiquitous Horror Twitter page! I can’t thank you all enough for always showing your support and love for the page. It is such an honor to have the opportunity to creep you all out on a daily basis!

Currently, we are working towards bringing in new viewers by updating posts and the page itself.  However, our main goal is to raise enough money to start selling Ubiquitous Horror merchandise, such as shirts, key chains, and more! Thanks again for your continued support!


Img credit: Bloody Disgusting